Why energy lab

Why Energy Lab?

We designed our own software

Our proprietary system integrates with NATHERS house energy rating software and our governing bodies online certificate generator to allow us the ability to produce ten reports in the time in would take a normal energy rating company to produce a single report.

This allows us to complete highly accurate reports while maintaining extremely quick turnaround times.

Online portal

Although the majority of our system takes place behind the scenes we have a one of a kind fee proposal and order generator customized to your needs. Simply login, drag and drop your files into our system and have your fee or report uploaded in minutes. It really cannot get any simpler.

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Kinds of Reports

What Kind of Reports?

Residential Energy Assessments

Our energy assessors are accredited in all states of Australia including BASIX for NSW. Using software modelling or a NCC 3.12 deemed to satisfy solution we are efficient in any size application from a 6 Star rating on a single unit to entire class 2 high rise buildings.

If you have a renovation/extension our staff can deal directly with your building surveyor with regard to Regulation 233 and Practice Note 55 to achieve your desired construction outcome.

Commercial Section J Reports

Energy Lab can provide elemental deemed to satisfy solutions based on Section J of the NCC for basic compliance applications in commercial circumstances or for more advanced projects our staff are fully accredited in using software modelling for alternative solutions via JV3.

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Our Process

Our Process

How Our System Works

A video tutorial on uploading/downloading and managing your assessments using our online portal will come soon.

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