Who We Work With

Working with Energy Lab is a whole new experience, contact us to see the difference today.

Volume Builders

What volume builders require is speed, reliability and immediate communication. As we deal with many of Australia's largest volume builders we have designed a bespoke ordering system capable of integrating with most automated business software.

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Residential and Commercial Builders

Obtaining the most cost effective construction solution while meeting all regulations and requirements is a primary objective for builders. Our experience with understanding construction materials in a real world application along with our unparalleled software techniques ensures a competitive result every time.

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Architectural and Drafting Companies

We understand that no two projects are the same and not all designs are fixed prior to requesting energy efficiency services. Sometimes you require an indication of how your project is rating before finalizing your design.

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Private and Municipal Building Surveyors

At Energy Lab we can liaise directly with your building surveyor to clarify regulation and practice note interpretations in order to obtain the most satisfactory outcome for your project.

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