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Easy, fast and reliable to use, our system is simply the best in the industry.

How It Works?

Our step by step ordering process gives you the ability to request fee proposals or submit projects for assessment by dragging and dropping your drawings directly onto your personal dashboard.

Following the diagrammatic flow chart as you progress, any supporting documentation, notes or relevant information can be submitted within seconds.

All pending fee proposals are available to view, download, accept or email to your client directly from the system. Projects that are currently in production are visible with you having the ability to chat live with your individual consultant via our chat window.

Post production preliminary projects can be accepted for invoicing and certification or emailed directly to your client. If changes are required you have the ability to drop a new set of drawings and notations into the system for revision.

Clicking on proceed to certification will automatically generate an invoice which you can pay on the spot via our SSL secured servers which will allow your documentation to be released automatically within minutes. Payment can also be made via credit card, cheque and direct deposit.

All procedures are emailed by our system to your nominated email address and all functions of the online portal are also accessible from our interactive email links.

How are we so fast?

Although the Energy Lab client side portal is second to none we are most proud of our office side bespoke project management system.

Our software developers have given us the ability to complete and manage projects at speeds that can not be replicated by our competitors. This allows Energy Lab to provide boutique style accurate assessments while maintaining lightning fast turnaround times on a volume basis.

Using our software one Energy Lab staff member can complete assessments at the equivalent rate of ten standard assessors. Through the power of automation we have become the largest volume assessment company in Australia, contact us today to experience the difference.

Energy Reports in No Time

View our quick tutorial on uploading/downloading and managing your assessments using our online portal.

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